Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's touch the sky. Let's kiss the ground and seize the day.
dear you,
I am wishing you a great day today. :)

from: me

The picture above is from my last trip to Belitung Island, to photograph an engagement session. At that period of time
, lot of things happened to me, and that include a series of unfortunate events. But in that period, I also got my lesson. Sometimes, when you feel that you are the most less-fortunate being in the planet, just remember, it is just life happened. What goes up must go down. What comes down will go up. You just need to live another day, swallow it and time will take you to another phase.

For now, I am seeking for new environment. I am seeking for new challenge and new job. I want to do what I am passionate about. I want to wake up and live my day like I mean it. And a job that make me frustrated definitely not one of it. It is obvious that every job will make you stressful one day. But at least, if you are doing what you are passionate about, the stress and the hardwork will be worth it :). The other reason is I need more human in my daily life. For now, practically I work alone in my office. I need more than fancy computers, busy schedule and pointless meeting to fill my day that closed with meeting those cold walls in my apartment in the end of my day. I need human touch in my day.

I found this sentence in twitter by @timmarbun
"Don't dream about change if hardwork means too much work for you." I am trying to live that sentence.

Monday, August 10, 2009

And I love you like i love life.. It will never be perfect..but it is beautiful just the way it is.. cheers for life..

Friday, May 22, 2009

there is no such thing as being worse as a person.. each day, we improve ourselves and getting better..the downside is maybe we are getting better in the wrong field..

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

anybody know where is this?
a snapshot with my cell phone :) in my time getting away from routines :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

it's been a long while I guess..
I also don't think that I have a lot to share recently..

In this post just want to share some of my works in November 2008..
This is the holy matrimony between Ravinaldo Boer and Rita Octaria..
It is a very nice matrimony.. They come that day full of love, faith and hope..

Hope u like it..
and if it's possible..will u spend a minute to leave ur comment?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

At last, after a long while, I have updated my carbonmade portofolio ( I really wish that u will spare several minutes to drop by to my site. I have updated my portofolio with some of my latest works, some collages, some pre-wed studio session, wedding album layout, and also the from the Indonesian Idol 2008. My latest work is in the special section. Anyhow, thanks before :)

and now.. I am on the race with all my dateline.. really wish December will come sooner this year.. I know it won't happen anyway.. just another wishful thinking of mine :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

I have something about "life" many things bout it... heard and feel a lot of events about it... and actually I do think a lot about it.. In ur opinion, what's the point of being a living existence in this planet? Until the time as we speak now, I (still) can't figure out the answer myself. But somehow, I have made up my mind about several things in my life. I want to live my life like I mean it. Live every second of my life like I mean it. Sound simple isn't it? Sometimes I realize that I am too busy to think about the things that I haven't achieved in this life.. In some points, it's a good thing, cause it makes me keep on trying to be a better person day by day, havin my dreams and hope that make my life goes on.. But in the other hand, it also makes me forget to be grateful about my life.. How actually I have received A LOT.. many wonders happened to me.. my little wonders, that maybe means nothing for u but means a lot for me. My small family that I still think this is the best family for me.. my dad who always been my hero, my teacher and my friend... my mom who always be here and there for me givin me all the spirit to make it all the way.. my bros.. my lover that I really love with all her wonders and love me back... the place where I can always share my day.. my friends where I get so much fun together.. getting the chance to learn in a great place.. learning new stuffs.. meeting many new great friends.. I have my life.. and now I can say that I am happy and grateful with my life... I know it isn't the perfect nor the best life one can have.. but anyway.. I am happy with it...

Now I am still on my way to improve myself.. to be a better person for my beloved people.. and I won't stop.. I want to be all that I can be for them.. be their reason to smile..

In a moment like this, I really think that life itself is a pure bliss :) life has its own way to show us how beautiful they are... maybe it will never be easy, or maybe sometimes life has a real trouble for us and given us all the reason we need to be depressed.. but it has its own unique way to show itself that it is beautiful just the way it always been...

So, what now? U realized or not.. life keeps on goin.. day by day.. it keeps on rollin.. no matter we like it or not.. whether we ready or not.. we have to be prepared.. u will never know when a chance come by.. or when u have to make ur decision.. by the time it comes.. like it or not.. u have to be ready.. and so do I.. I am on still my way there.. hopin that when the time comes.. I will be ready.. and I want to live every second of my life like I mean it..

Just sharin my thought anyway.. I never been those philosophers who can describe everything in their complicated way.. I just sharin all my thought about life.. and they all come back to u to shape ur own meaning of life and how u want to live it..